Everytime a node is created, I have a Rules Action that serialized the data into json and send it to OneSignal.

I have the below code that does it...

    $entity_id = $entity->id(); // Getting dynamic entity ID
    $controller = \Drupal::entityManager()->getStorage('node');
    $node = $controller->load($entity_id);

    $output = $serializer->serialize($node, 'json');
    \Drupal::logger('pattern')->notice('Serialize: ' . $output);

And this is the trimmed result from Drupal logs:

Serialize: @"nid":[{"value":"20922"],"uuid":[@"value":"XXXXX-XXXXX"],"type":[@"target_id":"pattern"],"title":[@"value":"Test Title"],"field_first_x":[@"value":"123456789"],"field_first_y":[@"value":"12"],"field_second_y":[@"value":"34"]...}

I have 20 custom fields in a one content type and can't anymore add new field as Im getting a limit issue when sending data via REST POST of more than 2bytes. So im planning to remove the field_ in each label, not in the database/Drupal but just in the $output variable to reduce the data size im sending.

This is my expected $output result:

Serialize: @"nid":[{"value":"20922"],"uuid":[@"value":"XXXXX-XXXXX"],"type":[@"target_id":"pattern"],"title":[@"value":"Test Title"],"first_x":[@"value":"123456789"],"first_y":[@"value":"12"],"second_y":[@"value":"34"]...}

Appreciate your help! TIA


I realize that it was a very basic/simple programming question. Solved it by applying str_replace function.

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