I Have a content Type 'Article' , which has below 2 fields
1.'Text List' field having 2 values 'Regional' or 'Country' (single selection radio button and Required Field) And
2.'Entity Reference' field mapping to Taxonomy term country ,which will display only if country option is selected in the previous field (contains values like Country1,Country2,Country3 etc).Multiple country can be selected.

Logged in user profile also mapped with 'Country Taxonomy' field with multiselect option
Ex:User1 Profile has 2 countries selected Country1 and Country2

I have created a View block of above content type 'Article', which needs exposed filter when User1 logged in.
example: 'select Dropdown values' -> 'Regional','Country1' ,'Country2' ('Regional' and looged in user's country list)

If you need any clarification in Above requirement please let me know.Please Help me in achieving this task.

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