I want to perform a custom access check for every page load.

For this purpose I implement AccessCheckInterface and perform the checks in the access method. AccessCheckInterface has a method applies, which returns an array of route requirement keys for which the access check is performed, as far as I understand.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what route requirement keys are and where to find them.

Currently, I simply return TRUE, which results in the access method being called several dozen times per page load. I would like this access check being done only once per page load as I have to perform an expensive network query. Is there a route requirement key for this? Can this be done in a different way?

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    Just store the results of the expensive query in a static variable and re-use – Clive Dec 6 at 12:10
  • Thank you Clive, that's a good idea! However, I might get different results over time. – drupalnewbie Dec 6 at 12:16
  • I take that back. This works! Thank you again, @Clive! – drupalnewbie Dec 6 at 12:36

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