how do i get the ajax feature to work with exposed filters? am i missing configuration options? what do i need to check?

i am using drupal 8.6.1 and a couple of views extensions (better exposed filters, draggableViews, viewsargordersort, views bulk operations, views field view, views geojson and views tree item); i have a running site with other modules enabled

i created a simple page view with standard settings and a content type exposed filter (see screenshot attached)

i enabled ajax under 'advanced settings' issue: a click on the apply button causes a page refresh. the filters are working correctly, though. it seems as if enabling the ajax setting has no effect whatsoever

i unsuccessfully tried:

  • selecting better exposed filters for the particular view
  • checking if scripts/templates/hooks override settings or similar
  • checking the browser console for suspicious output

btw: i already posted this on

view settings

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  • It seems a bug in better exposed filters module which occurs when submit button is hidden. However, in my case this occured only in the view administration page but it was working in the actual created page. Though the submit button was not hidden – Ismail Cherri Dec 6 at 18:10
  • 3
    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because module bug – No Sssweat yesterday
  • in d8 views is in core. how do you know it's a module bug? could you provide me with more info about it to help me solving my issue? – tom 2 hours ago

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