I'm using Drupal8 installation with the Geysir module in combination with the bootstrap theme. When I add a new paragraph with Geysir (click on the + icon) bootstrap shows it's first modal:

now I can choose which of my paragraphs I want to choose, I click on one of them, now bootstrap is rendering the second modal

. When I click on the submit button when I'm done filling in the content of the paragraph, only the first modal disappears so now the screen has an overlay which I cannot leave. Now I need to refresh the page in order to get back the Geysir functionality for editing.

I can verify that the problem lies with the modal handling in the bootstrap theme, If I add paragraphs with Geysir when the Bartik theme is activated it works just fine.

Does anyone has a solution for this ?

Related issue --> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11519660/twitter-bootstrap-modal-backdrop-doesnt-disappear

  • Are you getting any error output in your dev console? – dwcdev Dec 7 '18 at 11:14
  • Nope no errors, the problem has to do with modal handling of the bootstrap theme, it opens up 2 modals and when submitting the form (saving content) it only closes 1 modal and this results in the user begin stuck in content editing. – Bart N3lson Dec 7 '18 at 13:31

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