I have a view fields hook that is listing content in twig. From those fields, I am able to retrieve other fields like text.

{{ fields.field_teaser.content }}

I am unable to get the taxonomy terms though. I was trying this. I'm trying to get the term names but everything is coming up blank.

{{ fields.field_tags.content }}

Any help?

  • I figured this out. Turns out I had the wrong field in my view. Search for tags then make sure it appears in the right content type. In my case, it was article. {% set tags = fields.field_tags.content|render|striptags|lower %} {{ tags }} – bb2j3z Dec 8 at 19:41
  • You should just use a view mode to do this and render in a normal twig file, then you wouldn’t have to do this. – Kevin Dec 9 at 0:09

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