I am using Display Suite to manage custom »View modes« for content types on a Drupal 8 setup with the Bootstrap theme. But I have some trouble to set up my custom »View modes«, as only a few fields are shown on the display manage page: View mode management page

As you can see, for example the title field is missing. But it is the display of the title field, I would like to change. My understanding is, that I have to choose a layout from the select field at the bottom to use Display Suite functionality. At least this is, what documentation stats:

In the vertical tab "Layout for ... in default" choose the desired layout template (e.g. "Two column stacked") and click "Apply".

Although I have the Layout Discovery and the Bootstrap Layouts module installed, it does not show any options as you can see on the screen shot below: Layout selection for Display Suite

I had created an other »View mode« before, which works as expected, it shows all fields and a chosen layout at the bottom:

Layout selection for Display Suite

Even here the layout selection field is empty though. And when I clone the working »View modes« it does not work neither.

The only other option I found so far, is the tab at the bottom which says »Clone layout«. If I do this and choose the layout of the working »View mode« all fields are showing up, but after saving everything gets lost.

Can someone explain, what I am doing wrong here? Is there a step by step documentation, how to create a custom Display mode.

UPDATE: This might be a bug: https://www.drupal.org/project/ds/issues/3014897

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