For drupal 8. I want a view that looks like this.

2018 December (5) November (6) October (3) September (8) ... 2017 Month (x) Month (x) Month (x) 2016 Month (x) Month (x) Month (x)

A list of months, grouped by year, with a count of the type of content posted in that month.

Each month links you to a view of content that is posted in that month.

If you clicked on December under 2018, you'd get the 5 posts from December 2018.

I can't find ANYTHING out there talking about how to do this in D8, and the https://www.drupal.org/project/views_blogspot_archive module doesn't work and doesn't appear to be supported. (I'm going to make another post about that ... and maybe someone here has the answer).

Thank you.

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