I would like to place some (PHP)functions in a helper files, which requires across modules and themes.

Do I have to create a new module or I can place a simple helper file with list of common functions, what is the best practice for these kind of functions in drupal 8 ?

  • Common practice you see a lot in contrib modules is to place a new class in your module's /src directory and then have a service calling them. – leymannx Dec 19 '18 at 7:01

Yes, create a utility module, so your consumer modules can declare a dependency to the utility module in their .info.yml file. Optionally to keep the admin UI clean you could use hidden: true in the utility module's .info.yml

(I assumed you are speaking of a very drupal-specific helper lib, not some general purpose library like e.g. Guzzle that would go into composer)

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