Can I add a setting in settings.php to disable Auto Preview in views. I know this can be changed under /views/settings/. But I don't want this configuration added to Git. I only want this change on my local site. Something like this.

$config['system??']['foo']['bar'] = FALSE;

I unchecked 'Automatically update preview on changes' in Views settings and exported the changes. The result is that it updated 'views.settings' Below is part of views.settings.yml

        additional_queries: false
        advanced_column: true
        master_display: true
        performance_statistics: false
        preview_information: true
          enabled: true
          where: below
        display_embed: false
      always_live_preview: false
      exposed_filter_any_label: old_any

The setting may look something like this.

$config['views.settings']['ui']['always_live_preview'] = FALSE;
  • Did you set it off and export to see what changed? – Kevin Dec 20 '18 at 20:28
  • Good idea, I did not. I will edit my post and add this information – paulcap1 Dec 20 '18 at 20:48

This should do it, make sure you clear cache:

$config['views.settings']['ui']['always_live_preview'] = 'false';

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