How I can template the user reset password page when I receive the reset password token based link?


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Wooha! I found the answer myself. These are the template file names which can be overridden to theme the pages.

page--user--reset.tpl.php - To theme the reset password page when you will receive this of reset password URL in the email. /user/reset/2289/1545342420/zrmQkJAN9whwgu2xbKCW0KbIKigx7AsUgSo88UKr1c4

page--user--login.tpl.php - To reset the user login page.

page--user--pass.tpl.php - To theme the user password page when user enters the email address to recover the password.

See this for more information as well. https://www.drupal.org/node/350634

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