I'm using Drupal Commerce for a website and a big part of the payment tunnel is handmade, all the forms, submit.

I need to add a new part with the customer profile form to get the customer billing information before the payment.

I have the customer billing module who provide a form function (commerce_customer_profile_pane_checkout_form), I try to call this function with drupal_get_form() in my custom module to add the billing form.

Visually it works: I have the form. When I submit its data, I always get this error message.

The form has become outdated. Copy any unsaved work in the form below and then reload this page.

What can I do to avoid this?


With removing the token from the form my first solution can submit but the form doesn't work well (there is some ajax that doesn't work).

So I also try another approach, I see that in the order entity there is a field 'commerce_customer_billing' that is a Profile reference and became the profile form in the order admin edit form.

So what I try to do is to get this field programmatically and add it to my custom form for the front, I already do something like this but I can't remember how to proceed, and I can't find what I've done before.

I think the first step is to get the instance of the field

 $field_billy = field_info_instance('commerce_order', 'commerce_customer_billing', 'commerce_order');

But for the next steps I don't remember, and I can't find any help on the web

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