In Drupal Commerce, you can use the following to print out a field in your node.tpl.php file:

<?php print render($content['product:field_NAME']); ?>

See here fore more information

But how do you print a field only if it has content?

For a normal Drupal field you would use the following:

<?php if (isset ($node->field_NAME)): ?>
  <?php print $node->field_NAME['und'][0]['safe_value'];?>
<?php endif; ?> 

But that doesn't work with a Drupal commerce field.

I would appreciate if someone could offer any pointers!


Content for the referenced product fields is incorporated into the product display(node) using field_extra_fields and normally contents go into the #markup key.

You can use template_preprocess_node and use something like this:

if (!isset($variables['content']['product:field_NAME']['#markup'])) {

You could also try Field formatter conditions module.

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