There are some variables like author_name in node.html.twig of Drupal 8. {{ author_name }} will print something like below:


I tried using codes like below: {{ author_name.0 }} plan to print: Basic or {{ author_name|field_value }} plan to print: Basic

Above codes NOT work. How can I achieve above result?

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For most cases How do I get the raw field value in a twig template? will do. But since here according to node.html.twig

author_name: Themed author name field.

I believe you can get the unthemed author name by using {{ node.getOwner.getDisplayName }}

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    I have tested for this case (get the unthemed author name): {{ node.getOwner.getDisplayName }} works; {{ node.getOwner.getDisplayName.0 }} NOT work.
    – Basic
    Commented Dec 28, 2018 at 5:30

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