There is a variable {{ author_name }} in node.html.twig, it will print something like below:

<span>Your author name</span>

But I would like to print something like that:

<a href='/user/10'>Your author name</a>

How can I get this done in node.html.twig?

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Normally {{ author_name }} already comes as renderable markup containing the linked author name. But there's also {{ node.getOwnerId }} (the author's user ID) and {{ node.getOwner.label }} (the author's user name) you could simply use to build the link yourself.

<div class="foobar">
  <a href="/user/{{ node.getOwnerId }}">
    <span>{{ node.getOwner.label }}</span>

Note you can easily inspect what variables are available for a template by installing the Devel sub-module Kint and then in your template print {{ kint() }}, flush cache and reload. You now will get all available variables pretty-printed to easily find out which ones you could use to solve your problem.

To make that snippet a little bit more sustainable use the path() function to build the link target. By that also path aliases (built with Pathauto for example) will be taken into account.

<div class="foobar">
  <a href="{{ path('entity.user.canonical', {'user': node.getOwnerId}) }}">
    <span>{{ node.getOwner.label }}</span>
  • 2
    Thank you! {{ node.getOwnerId }} and {{ node.getOwner.label }} work well! By the way, {{ node.getOwner.label }} == {{ node.getOwner.getDisplayName }}
    – Basic
    Commented Dec 29, 2018 at 8:30
  • 3
    @Basic, getDisplayName is not identical, it is a processed version of the name/label, see User::getDisplayName
    – 4uk4
    Commented Dec 29, 2018 at 9:26

Use {{ node.getOwnerId() }}.

<a href='/user/{{ node.getOwnerId() }}'>Your author name</a>

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