I am searching how to add price values to existing product attributes in Drupal Commerce 2.X

For Example: T-shirt price = $10.00
A product variation/color = Red = +$2.00
A product variation/size = Large = +$3.00

Choosing the Red would increase the price to = $12.00
And Choosing the Large would increase the price to = $15.00

Is there a way to accomplish this in Drupal 8?
In Drupal 7 there was a module called Commerce Product Attributes that allowed the Admin to add ADDITIONAL pricing after choosing an attribute to the already set pricing.
Ex. Set Price = $10.00 // Selecting a Product Attributes with a price value of $5 would then increase the total cost due at checkout to $15.00

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Seems now you know the answer :)


  • Absolutely. Commerce Bulk was a complete life-saver. It took me about one full work day to input the LARGE amount of variations I needed. Without Commerce Bulk I think it would have literally taken a 2 weeks to a month to complete. I really thank you for this module.
    – jayareX7
    Mar 31, 2019 at 16:34

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