https://drushcommands.com/drush-9x/cache/cache:clear/ this doesn't give any option to clear all caches. All you get is to choose from 0-7, old drush cc all or cr all are gone.


root@dev:/var/www/example.com/htdocs# drush cc --cache-clear

 Choose a cache to clear:
  [0] Cancel
  [1] drush
  [2] theme-registry
  [3] router
  [4] css-js
  [5] render
  [6] plugin
  [7] bin
  [8] views
 > 7

 [success] 'bin' cache was cleared.

How to clear all options below with one command? I can't find it documented.

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To clear drupal caches using drush 9x use the following command:

drush cache:clear

Command aliases:

  • drush cc
  • drush cache-clear

To clear all caches you can use:

drush cache:rebuild

Command aliases:

  • drush cr
  • drush rebuild
  • drush cache-rebuild

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