I need a functionality in which I can select multiple language for a country.

I have added the countries as taxonomy terms and in which I added language as a field, in which SUPPORTED LANGUAGES as multiselect.

I need my url as /term-name/supported-language-1 /term-name/supported-language-2

How to achieve this in Drupal 8?

  • Hey hey, could you please update your question and tell us what you've tried so far? Thanks – leymannx Jan 2 at 18:15
  • I have tried the country path module and purl module.. but its not working for multiple language for the same country. – Drupalie Jan 3 at 6:50
  • What is the purpose of the different country language links? What should be displayed on each of those pages? – prkos Jan 4 at 0:24
  • I want to add multiple language in same country like /In/en and /In/hd – Drupalie Jan 7 at 6:20
  • A better example www.example.com/ca/en and www.example.com/ca/fr – Drupalie Jan 7 at 9:56

This can be done by Domain Access and Country Path module.

For Path pattern we need to choose both URL and Country Path Language Handler URL in admin->Language->Selection and Detection

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