I need to build quite feature rich set of tools for file & media management both for embedded and stored files in a new D7 project. Media will be added to both fields and in the WYSIWYG and File manager is a must.

In the past I have always been working with a combo of CKeditor, IMCE, CKeditor Link, FileField Sources.

However there seems to be a lot of buzz around TinyMCE via the WYSIWYG module and Media modules. In short what am I missing out on with these new projects? They seem to have a big overlap on the above and was wondering if people have experience with both...

Should I be looking to change my toolset to WYSIWYG / Media combo?


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Pantheon is now offering Panoply, a distribution built on Panels that features TinyMCE via WYSIWYG as well as the media module already set up and ready to go. You can register for a free account with them and test out a pre-built version of Drupal with the modules already set up in a fairly intelligent configuration.

Disclaimer: I'm a Pantheon customer, but I really do think that trying out this distro is a great way to see a hands-on example of what can be done not just upon installing a bunch of modules but after someone has taken the time to polish up the site.

  • Great answer I have already tried out Pantheon with Open Academy, I will try the Panoply distro. However I was hoping more for insights on a side by side comparison like a bullet list... After playing with Open Academy for a while it is difficult to gauge where Media actually comes into play or what advantages it has over my current toolset...
    – WestieUK
    Apr 4, 2012 at 13:17

I see no inconvenient in using WYSIWYG rather than install TinyMCE by hand. TinyMCE and CKEditor are the only which support IMCE integration using IMCE Bridge module. You should use these 4:

  • WYSIWIG module
  • TinyMCE or CKEditor
  • IMCE
  • IMCE Bridge

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