My user case is:

Extlink module can add exception classes to avoid processing some links.

I want some external url links on nodes whom author belongs to a special role (premium) can be mark with a class (for example with premium role name) to set an exception at external links module.

Well, at node twig template I can render node owner name, using this: {{ node.Owner.name.value }} but I don't know how render author roles.


You can get roles in twig using:

{%  for role in node.Owner.roles %}
    {{ role.entity.label }}
{% endfor %}

Update :
If you want to use roles in classes i recommended you to use clean_class filter to get the clean css class from roles instead of the code you post in comment use this:

   {% set custom_classes = [] %}
    {% for role in node.Owner.roles %}
      {% set class_role = role.entity.label | clean_class %}
      {% set custom_classes = custom_classes | merge([class_role]) %}
    {% endfor %}
    <div {{ attributes.addClass(custom_classes) }}>
      {{ content }}
  • Perfect, my code output is like: ` <div class=" {% for role in node.Owner.roles %} {{ role.entity.label }} {% endfor %} ">Test {{ content }} </div> ` – calbasi Jan 3 '19 at 19:04

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