I just created the webform and added fields.

I need to create a Webform Submission Using Rest API POST method. I just installed Rest & Rest UI modules for this.

But when I try to test my API using API tester its showing the error like this :

{"message":"Could not determine entity type bundle: \u0022webform_id\u0022 field is missing."}

But I have already determined the webform_id and here is my configuration

POST URL : http://example.com/entity/webform_submission?_format=json

Headers :

Content-Type : application/json

POST Data :

  "type": {
      "webform_id": "my_form"

Drupal Version : 8.6.4 Webform Module version : 8.x-5.1

Can anyone let me know Why its not working?


Looking at the examples on the Webform REST project page, you should be using something like…

  "webform_id": "my_webform",
  "checkboxes_field": [
    "Option 3",
    "Option 5"
   "integer_field": 3,
   "radio_field": "Mail",
   "email": "myemail@mydomain.com.au"

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