I have a drupal 7 website, and I have advanced poll module 3.0 installed. I also have standard Drupal performance caching turned on.

I notice that if I vote on the voting page, the results are shown instantly (without refreshing the page). However, for some reason I am able to re-visit the site (after a few seconds) and I am allowed to vote again (it should show results since I voted already).

If I disable standard Drupal caching the module works as designed ie it won't let you vote and show results instead.

So I've disabled Drupal caching for now, just so that the Advanced poll feature works on my website. Is there any fix to this issue? Thanks!

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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it sounds like a bug report which better should be reported on drupal.org. – leymannx Jan 5 at 16:54
  • Atleast let other people post their views? – sd100 Jan 5 at 16:56
  • Thing is, debugging always needs to be done by you. Nobody else can't do this from afar. Nobody knows your project, your server, your settings, your OS, your custom code etc. So this would require lots of back and forth clarification in the comments, which simply is beyond the scope of this Q+A site. If you experienced a problem with Poll and cache, please post it at drupal.org where this should get addressed to then get fixed for everybody. Thanks – leymannx Jan 5 at 17:24

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