Maybe not distinctly a Drupal question, I have an older Drupal 7 site that I want to leave up for backlinks, but any new visitors I want to redirect to a new external website. So domain.com would redirect to newdomain.com but domain.com/node/6 is still accessible.

Update: Server is nginx and I don't have access to server settings and routes.

  • Sounds potentially like an htaccess rule. You could write one that matches the domain directly, and that should allow non-homepage URLs to keep working. Maybe something like this in your .htaccess file: stackoverflow.com/questions/42493408/… this should redirect any home request to the new domain, but anything not matching should continue to work. It might need a little massaging for Drupal, but I don't have a way to test this out at the moment. Initial tests here tell me it will work. htaccess.madewithlove.be – Kevin Jan 5 at 21:15
  • Sorry, updated the question it is an nginx server and I don't have access to the nginx routes/settings files. – Kris Robinson Jan 5 at 21:26

It sounds like one thing you could do is edit the themes template.php file and do something like:

 * Implements template_preprocess_html().
function mytheme_preprocess_html(&$variables) {
  if (drupal_is_front_page()) {
    $url = 'http://newdomain.com';
    drupal_goto($url, ['external' => TRUE], 301);
    // perhaps alternatively you could use header();

Outside of doing this at the web server level, it might be the smallest change to do it.

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