I'm using Core media module to upload video[Media Type is video,which has field video of 'file field type'].
This module will refer video.png as thumnail for all video uploaded from the local system.

I want to capture first frame of video as thumbnail when video is uploaded from the local system in media section. I have seen 'PHP ffmpeg' , module , But i don't know the approach to follow to capture first frame of video. If i need to write a custom module to capture thumnail while saving media type of video, which hook function I need to use or please suggest me what apprach I can follow?

  • Same problem here. We need to figure out a way to capture a media thumbnail. – Progonat Feb 13 at 1:45
  • video embed urls field will create video thumbnails and store in file system. Uploaded video field, we need to find out. – rks Feb 13 at 6:41
  • Yes if you are talking about the module Video Embed it does create a thumbnail. But the core video field does not. As you mention it links to a generic video.png – Progonat Feb 13 at 14:47

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