I have a view which shows all terms of a vocabulary. I must add a filter that shows only taxonomy terms for which a user or a role has permission. I have installed the module Permissions by Term. Now when I edit a single term I can choose a user and/or a role which can access this node.

Then I have a view that shows all terms of this vocabulary. I thought with the "Permissions by Term" module installed there will be shown only terms where the user/the role has the permissions. But still all terms are shown.

Any ideas what I am missing? Is there any setting in the views I need to make? I am new to Drupal so I really would appreciate any hint.

  • What happens when the user clicks on the term link they're not supposed to see? Are they allowed to see that page? Also Permissions by Term isn't supported for D7 and another module is suggested instead. – prkos Jan 8 at 17:45

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