The moment I login to my Drupal 8.6.5 website, I get the error page. /user/logout brings back the website.

I have cleared the caches using phpMyAdmin. Also tried to install Drush and use drush cr all but drush is showing error as well.

I saw some previously asked questions here but the only one solved had solved it via personal chat, hence there was no clear solution posted.

Can anyone please help?

EDIT: Exactly the moment after which the error appeared is the following: I was creating a view based on the BEE module. In that I edited the PHP date time format and tried the save the view. From that point onwards, I cannot access the website anymore with login.

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    You’ll need to provide the actual error to get any useful help. – Kevin Jan 9 at 4:14
  • The actual error was written in the title. White screen with "Website encountered an unexpected error". I cannot access any error logs within the website since that would need login in, and login is not working. – Anirban Ghatak Jan 9 at 4:25
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    That’s not an error in the title, it’s an output stating an error occurred. You’d need to pull the logs from the server itself and/or connect to the database with a client and check the watchdog table and any other means of logging you have in place. Also, what is the BEE module? If you think this is related to that View, you could try to do a config import to restore last known good config state (to blow away that View) if you have been using configuration management. That can be done via command line. – Kevin Jan 9 at 5:16
  • See why a white screen is no error message and how you can produce an error message: drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/49905/… – 4k4 Jan 9 at 7:21
  • I checked the watchdog table and the only hint there was something in the php installation went wrong. So I reinstalled the php on the server. Now I can log in to the website. However, a lot of functionalities like file upload, setting a calendar etc are not working as intended. I will try for some more time to reinstall the problematic modules and setting permissions once again. Will report after that. Thanks for the help @kevin. – Anirban Ghatak Jan 10 at 2:09

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