I installed my drupal site with default English language. Then I added French language and change the default language to French, the original path following the domain thus append a parent path of /en or /fr ahead. Since the default is French now, most of the time when I navigated in the site I access the page path under /fr. But in some case, for example, when I click a topic in a forum node, it navigates to /en/node/xx, which is not expected (it should be /fr/node/xx instead).

I want a more restricted control for the page navigation:

  1. When the administrator set the default language that has a path prefix of like /abc, the user access for the site should be restricted to the page under /abc, unless a permitted language selection is performed.
  2. It will be better that if the domain and all its sub-paths without a path prefix never append language-prefix path by default, but it shows the same content as under the default language, unless the user inputs a path prefix manually.

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