I made a custom view page with path to admin/print and I set it to no menu under Page Settings > Menu in the view edit page.

enter image description here

And behold I login to my site today, there's a menu item in the admin menu pointing to my new view page.

enter image description here

Somehow and something gave the menu item title Orders and arranged it to be between Content and Structure.

Now, if you go to default Management menu you can see there's no such item as Orders between Content and Structure.

enter image description here

I'm logged in as nid:1, so have all permissions. Checked the source page in the Management menu page and nothing with admin/print.

Anyway, ran search in the database and it reports that the item is in Management menu together with some other results:

enter image description here

I also ran grep -rl "admin/print" . in the server. I thought maybe someone else added it via files, but everyone claims nobody did it.

How did that menu item got there?

  • An obvious one but have you flushed your site caches since removing the menu item? The admin bar gets cached and if you change the menu through alternative routes like through views the cache isn't cleared automatically – Leigh Jan 9 at 16:26
  • Yeah with drush cc all. – user3108268 Jan 9 at 16:40
  • Ha, I enabled it as a tab in views and it had title of Orders and weight of -10, I changed the weight to -99 and it got moved in the admin menu. So it is coming from the views? But disabling it to no menu doesn't remove it? – user3108268 Jan 9 at 16:45

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