In the page--front.tpl.php template, I have the following code for site logo.

<img src="<?php print $logo ?>" alt="example.com logo" title="<?php print $site_name_and_slogan ?>" id="logo" />

Where is the title set in Drupal 7? Right now the title is showing blank in the production site.

  • So I checked the site information in the configuration/system page & system info and sure enough the site name and slogan values are filled in. However in the template and then the production site, the title value is blank why so? – sd100 Jan 10 at 3:56
  • Is that variable a custom one? That could be why the title attribute is blank. Check the themes template.php file. – Kevin Jan 10 at 4:11
  • I got this in template.php file: $variables['site_name_and_slogan'] = $site_name_text . ' ' . $slogan_text; – sd100 Jan 10 at 4:14
  • Sounds like the variables aren’t populated correctly. – Kevin Jan 10 at 4:28
  • Hmm ok also when I hover the cursor over the logo in desktop view, a blank popup comes up. Shouldn't it show the value for "Alt=" ? Should I even have title setup for img src html anymore? – sd100 Jan 10 at 4:30

In your active theme's template.php, check template_preprocess_page() function and add following lines:

$site_name = variable_get('site_name');
$site_slogan = variable_get('site_slogan');
$variables['site_name_and_slogan'] = $site_name . ' ' . $site_slogan;

Assuming that you have used $variables as argument in template_preprocess_page() function.

Now $site_name_and_slogan can be used in page tpl files.

If you have not implemented template_preprocess_page() function, then replace template word with your theme name and add the function as mentioned below:

function THEMENAME_preprocess_page(&$variables){
  $site_name = variable_get('site_name');
  $site_slogan = variable_get('site_slogan');
  $variables['site_name_and_slogan'] = $site_name . ' ' . $site_slogan;
  • Ok I shall try. Thanks so much.. the active theme function is in a file or drupal setting? – sd100 Jan 10 at 7:04
  • Also In Appearance section of the site's them there is a "Toggle Display" section. In it "Site Name" & "Site Slogan" are unchecked. Could this cause a problem? – sd100 Jan 10 at 7:08
  • Checkboxes in appearance will not cause any problem with above implementation. Please check updated answer. – Vishal Patil Jan 10 at 9:33

Have u tried these?

    <?php print $site_name; ?>
    <?php print $site_slogan; ?>

You can use it as

    <img src="<?php print $logo ?>" alt="example.com logo" title="<?php echo $site_name.$site_slogan; ?>" id="logo" />
  • I'll try for sure and revert back here. – sd100 Jan 10 at 5:13
  • Ok it now sets the title to be site_slogan doesn't work. – sd100 Jan 10 at 5:20
  • Sorry i had missed the $ symbol. Please check now – RK251 Jan 10 at 5:28
  • Thanks but the result is a blank. It didn't work. – sd100 Jan 10 at 5:30
  • is this a custom theme? if yes, need to see your template.php file – RK251 Jan 10 at 5:54

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