I'm trying to embed views like this:

 views_embed_view('articles_list', 'block_1', '11+13');

If I type 11 in arguments, it does take the argument. It works good if I preview the view and enter '11+13' in "Preview with contextual filters" field... But if I write '11+13' in the views_embed_view() function, it just takes the value of 11. How can I make it work and take both values: 11 and 13?

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From views_embed_view doc comment block:

  • @param ...
    • Any additional parameters will be passed as arguments.

That means any params comes after params $name and $display_id will consider as contextual filer so you should call views_embed_view like:

views_embed_view('articles_list', 'block_1', '11', '13');

Take a look at Twig Views Module do the same.

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