I am using Drupal 7 with the Apache Solr module, combining it with Apache Solr Views module running in Acquia. This is a production site, and Apache Solr Search is running without issue.

I am trying to use two bits of Apache Solr functionality at once (this is using a local instance to test and then sending the files to Acquia). These are the synonyms.txt and elevate.xml files.

Each works fine on its own (replacing misspellings for the correct search term) and elevating a particular node for a specific search term. The problem is that if the term appears in the synonym.txt file and the corrected search is an elevated term, it corrects the misspelling but then it does not elevate it.

I assume there is a way to make them work in tandem (first synonyms.txt and then elevate.xml), but since I have not found references covering this issue, I would like to know if anybody has experienced this problem and how did they fix it (or perhaps it is unsupported in version 4.5.1 of Solr, which is the one Acquia uses, and there is no fix).

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