Drupal 8 installation in English, German lang was added and set as default, vocabularies are set to English (no result even they are in German too), terms are set to German by default, Content translation, Configuration translation and Interface translation are enabled.

On /admin/config/regional/content-language "Content" and "Taxonomy term" are enabled (all fields). There is nothing about vocabularies.

On /admin/structure/taxonomy Operations have a link "Translate" per vocabulary and added translation through is saved. But switching language with language switcher do not show vocabularies name translated - table columns names are translated and shown properly (and any UI string in table) just not category name itself. I clear cache after translation was added.

Any advice are welcome.

  • AFAIK this still does not work out-of-the-box, hence it requires you to write a module and a hook. I have a similar problem with Bulgarian/English voc. name display in the easybreadcrumbs module. Here they give some guidance which I'll try the next week. – A. Genchev May 29 at 14:15

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