I'm building a custom query plugin for the Views module that uses JSON data from a web API, inspired by this article. I've created a series of field handlers that work fine.

However, I'm struggling with a field that contains an array of image URLs. I've worked out how to return the first image as an HTML <img>, or all of the images as a series of HTML <img>s concatenated together, but what I would like to do is expose the images in such a way that the user can choose how they are formatted (e.g. as a FlexSlider).

When a multi-image field from a Drupal content type is added to a view, the user is presented with a dropdown where they can select a formatter. Ideally I would like my multi-image field to work in the same way.

Does the render() function in the field handler need to return the images in a certain way? Or should I not be using the render() function, seeing as I don't really want to specify how the field should be rendered?

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