In Drupal 8, I created a page with the path alias /user/register/thankyou to redirect users to after registration. Later, I changed the url of this page to simply be /register/user/thankyou. I have the Redirect module enabled, so I deleted the redirect from /user/register/thankyou to /thankyou/registration.

However, now, when I go to /user/register, I am automatically redirected to /user/register/thankyou, which results in a "page not found" error.

So, somehow, there is still a "ghost" redirect in my system, although the redirect module page shows that there are no redirects on the site, and I double-checked the page with the alias /thankyou/registration, which has the correct alias.

I uninstalled the redirect module but the redirect persists.

The redirect occurs when I type the URL to the user register page manually (www.example.com/user/register) and when I click the "register account" link.

I opened up the database in MySQL workbench and I see nothing strange in the router table or the url_alias table; my alias to /register/user/thankyou exists but I cannot find the /user/register/thankyou alias anywhere (although this is where /user/register is being redirected).

How do I fix this redirect error?

I tried three different browsers and cloned the site from production to my local environment; in all cases, I have this issue.

  • Obvious question but caches are all cleared? Have you tried cache busting that url?
    – Kevin
    Jan 20, 2019 at 17:38

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Stupid mistake... it turns out I had a redirect in a custom module that I had been using for testing.

grep the custom modules directory for user/register saved the day...

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