Please don't consider this as a duplicate post. I have tried all the solutions that worked for others, but still struggling to fix the problem (all users including admin taken to 403 page). This is a Windows server running Drupal 7.

Things I have tried -

  • No base_url value given
  • No cookie_domain value given
  • Session table truncated
  • Cache tables truncated
  • No file permission differences
  • Tried Reset password email but the link takes to 403 page
  • Deleted browser cache

Please let me know if anyone has experience with a similar issue or what else I could try.

This is what I can see in watchdog table. enter image description here


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I finally figured it out!

We are enforcing secure flag on our cookie and therefore had to disable the corresponding rewrite rule from IIS, as we didn't have a SSL certificate in new server.


Check the user table in the DB. sometimes when importing DBs it starts auto-numbering from 1, so you don't have a user with the id of 0, which Drupal uses for its anonymous user.

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