I am trying to build an extranet platform (using drupal 8) where suppliers can create new products and request approval of those products. Once approved by myself they get a notification that they can publish the products. Once a product's moderation state is set to published, I should get notified and should be able to download a zip of the product images in a certain naming convention and export the new products (base product and product variation) to two separate csv files with the file structures shown below:

base product data structure table

product variation data structure table

Every language version [en, de, fr, it] in both the base product and product variation file and every variation of a product the product variation file has to be on a separate line.

required base product image naming convention:
1. image: MCH-BP_*INSERT SKU*-front.jpg
2. image: MCH-BP_*INSERT SKU*-back.jpg
2. image: MCH-BP_*INSERT SKU*-side.jpg

required product variation image naming convention:
1. image: MCH-*INSERT SKU*-front.jpg
2. image: MCH-*INSERT SKU*-back.jpg
2. image: MCH-*INSERT SKU*-side.jpg

The structure of the csv and the naming of the images need to be exactly as described above because that's how I need to import it into SAP hybris.

Now to the actual questions:

  • is that something that is possible with existing modules or do I need something entirely custom?

  • What modules do you suggest?
    Content Export CSV

    • I'm not able to customise the structure of the exported csv
    • I can only export all nodes of a certain content type
    • taxonomy terms are exported as IDs instead of the terms themselves.
    • for the email notifications I believe I can use the
    • I need to be able to exclude certain fields
  • should I use separate fields for the different languages (e.g. Product Description - EN / Product Description - Fr / Product Description DE / Product Description IT) or rather use the "Content Translation" Module? (not all fields have to be translated)


For usability I think it's best to have the product variations being part of the base product and not use different content types

About my relationship to drupal:

I've worked with drupal for about 3 years over 4 years ago (setup, configuration & theming) but I'm still quite comfortable with configuring things on the UI side. I have no experience with developing my own modules at all but I understand a little bit of PHP so I might be able to alter certain modules with a bit of help from the interwebz.

Thanks for any help and Ideas in advance!

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