I tried to show the multilevel dropdown submenu for the user account menu in subtheme using bootstrap_barrio but it is not showing up. however i did the configuration in the block to show multilevel and put the menu links as expanded.


after investing a lot .. i found that barrio theme is only coming with impelemntation for the navigation menu not for the user account menu . what i did is i just copy /templates/navigation/menu--main.html.twig and renamed it menu--account.html.twig

and it works fine

  • This was driving me crazy for a while. Thanks for posting the solution. :) – Marcus C. Nov 5 '20 at 18:13
  • Worked great, nice and easy. I used this solution for two menus that I created, like this: menu--main-menu-left.html.twig and menu--main-menu-right.html.twig – hockey2112 Apr 16 at 15:33

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