I want to add a subdomain to my site (mysite.local) so it is, x.mysite.local and I want that to land on a custom page, i.e. a node, a view. I do not want to use the domain module because it has way more stuff that I need. Is there an easy way to do that in a custom module?

I tried doing something like this in settings.php but that does not seem to work:

// Get the subdomain:
$sub = explode('.',  $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'])[0];
if ($sub == 'test') {
  $config['system.site']['page']['front'] = "node/12664";

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I'm going to assume 1) you already have the proper DNS records set up and 2) you want a redirect (tells the browser to go to URL node/12664) and not a proxy rewrite (i.e. serve the page at node/12664).

Your best option would be to handle this in your .htaccess with mod_rewrite:

# Handle request for subdomain 
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^test\.mysite\.local$ [NC]
RewriteRule (.*) https://mysite.local/node/12664 [L,R]

If you do want to try to handle this as a redirect in your settings.php you could try something like this:

if ($_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] == 'test.mysite.local') {
    // Tell the browser to redirect to the HTTPS URL.
    header("Location: https://mysite.local/node/12664");

If you want to serve a page from a different subdomain/host, without changing the URL, you'll have to delve into the hell of Apache ProxyPassReverse

  • Yes DNS is set up correctly. But I do not want to do any apache/.htaccess redirect. This should be possible to do by doing something similar to what the domain access module module does. But I have not been able to dig deep enough to figure out the peices of the code that does this.
    – awm
    Commented Feb 2, 2019 at 18:39

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