I have two categories and each one has subcategories. I put the parent categories in a menu. What I need is: when I click a parent category its subcategories should be shown in a new page.

How I should that? I'm using Drupal 7.

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Taxonomy VTN provide new pages for taxonomy terms, as described in its page it provide what you want by Terms of a parent: taxonomy_vtn/voc/xxx/xxx option

in Drupal 7 you can use views to show child terms in page when you click on parent term:

  1. create new views for taxonomy terms (you should select taxonomy terms in creation form)
  2. create page display
  3. select taxonomy/term/% as path
  4. use argument

In drupal 7 you don't have arguments, but you have Contextual filters and Relationships. I have managed to use those to get parent term but not child terms.

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