I am using a third-party module. Whenever it is installed or un-installed, I want to programmatically create/delete some menus.

How can I detect that a module is installed or un-installed?


You can use hook_modules_installed() to react to modules being installed, e.g.

function hook_modules_installed($modules) {
  if (in_array('lousy_module', $modules)) {
    variable_set('lousy_module_conflicting_variable', FALSE);

and hook_modules_uninstalled() to react to the opposite, e.g.

function hook_modules_uninstalled($modules) {
  foreach ($modules as $module) {
      ->condition('module', $module)
  • This is working, and in my case, I need to use hook_modules_disabled() and hook_modules_enabled(). Yes, Thanks for pointing me in right direction. – Saba Feb 1 '19 at 10:37

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