Following this answer I was able to create a sortable Views table using Paragraphs relationships.

I need to do so to make the related values sortable. So I try to make a reference to the second value of a multiple values field but I can't find a delta anywhere.

Multiple values fields produce duplicate or more results in the view, actually one for each value in the multiple values field. I know how to group them together using the node ID, but this isn't a valid solution.

A possible output for a relationship with a Paragraph multiple values field having start and end date looks like that:

ID: 9999
Title   | Start date | End date
MyTitle | date1      | date1
MyTitle | date2      | date2

Where I actually would need a table output like that:

Title   | Start date | End date
MyTitle | date1      | date2

Is this possible using Views relationship to a Paragraphs field?

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