I've installed the 'Commerce Product Option' module and set up an option set with 6 select boxes.

These select boxes successfully appear on the product display page, and the user can select 6 options in these drop downs and add to cart.

I need to display the selected options that the user selected in the cart. So I've edited the cart view, and added the " Commerce Line Item: Commerce options referenced by this line item " relationship and I've added the "Commerce Option: Rendered Commerce Option " fields to my view.

The options column is displayed on the cart page and shows the 6 selected options that the user had selected.

However, the total at the bottom of the cart is just showing the total of the product with options. When the user adds another product to their cart of the default product type "product" that has no options via the 'Product Option' module, the price isn't calculated in this anymore.

The cart total is only calculating products that have product options since adding the options field

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