Can I use these two modules together to create a registration form and limit access to certain fields?

Module installed :

Wat is working ?

  • The creation of the specific registration form (multiple registration)
  • Set permission on field (field permissions)

What is not working ?

  • When I test the form, everybody (anonymous, role x, role y, ...) can see all fieds, even the restricted one.

I hope to be a little more specific.

  • Welcome to Drupal Answers! We love to help you. Unfortunately your question is pretty unclearn. What's "Permission field"? I can't find a module named like that. What's your actual question? And is this a bug report? Then you should report it over in the module's issue queue on drupal.org, not here. – leymannx Feb 4 at 10:20
  • Thx for your help. My question is : is it possible to set restriction/permission on fields for a specific role for a registration form. permission field. The two modules I use should do what I want but not. It's maybe a bug. I'm new on Drupal. – BLK Feb 4 at 11:02
  • Please update your question accordingly. – leymannx Feb 4 at 11:03
  • @leymannx : thx for your help, I tried to be more precific. – BLK Feb 4 at 12:36

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