I have a classic contact form. I can add for example some custom placeholder like this :

function my_theme_form_contact_message_about_your_project_form_alter(&$form, FormStateInterface $form_state, $form_id) {
    // placeholder
    $form['field_contact_name']['widget'][0]['value']['#placeholder'] = t('Saisir votre nom');


It works very well and I can also easily modify wrapper, name, etc.

But for a reason I can’t understand, I am not able to modify the text of the submit button.

Here is what I’ve tried among a lot of things and I think it should be the right thing (as seen on other answers) :

$form['actions']['submit']['#value'] = 'hello world!';

Here is the html of the button :

<button data-drupal-selector="edit-submit" class="button button--primary js-form-submit form-submit btn-primary btn" type="submit" id="edit-submit" name="op" value="Envoyer">Envoyer</button>

I use a custom theme based on Bootstrap theme.

Of course, I can do it with jQuery :

$('#edit-submit').text('lorem ipsum');

But I would like to know how to do it the Drupal way.


The solution is :

form['actions']['submit']['#value'] = 'hello world!';

It works on a clean Drupal install but not on the website I am currently working on.


Do you know why it is not working ?

Because it seems to me that you're playing the guessing game.

How about installing the Devel and adding kint($form) to inspect the $form array?

You will see its

$form['actions']['submit']['#value'] = t('Post Comments');
  • Before asking, I've already tried $form['actions']['submit']['#value'] = t('Post Comments'); (as seen on other answer) and it didn't work. I should have mentioned this in my question. I will install Devel. – Sébastien Gicquel Feb 4 '19 at 16:26
  • Hello you're right. I've already tested your solution before asking. Since, it didn't work, I asked here form more information. So, I've tried on a clean Drupal install and it works. It doesn't work on the website I am currently working on for some specific reason I need to find (I didn't create this web site, only creating a new theme). – Sébastien Gicquel Feb 5 '19 at 11:40
  • I've found the issue on the website : there is a CustomController where I found code about forms and it was overriding my code : $build['contact_form']['actions']['submit']['#value'] = 'lorem ipsum'; Sorry to have disturbed you, not easy to work on a website you don't know. – Sébastien Gicquel Feb 5 '19 at 12:15

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