Below is my requirement

I am facing an issue i want my exposed filter options to be dependent on the URL argument( i am using contextual filters), View is ajax Enabled, so i can not get the url parameters directly as in ajax request , it fetched argument from the ajax url,

I tried using Form Alter to get URl argument from view but faced this issue https://www.drupal.org/project/views/issues/3031259

$current_path = \Drupal::service('path.current')->getPath();
$current_url = \Drupal\Core\Url::fromRoute('<current>');
$path = $current_url->toString();
$alias = \Drupal::service('path.alias_manager')->getAliasByPath($path);
$args = explode('/', $alias);

Above Code does not work with ajax enabled view as it fetches argument from url at ajax path at ajax call where there is no arguments

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