I have the same issue addressed for D7 here: Bulk Generating URL aliases for taxonomy terms doesn't do anything or here: Bulk update for unchecked "Generate automatic URL alias"

And I'm looking for a corresponding workaround for D8, querying the DB directly.

For D7 seems that the following solution works:

UPDATE pathauto_state SET pathauto="1" WHERE entity_type="taxonomy_term";

I did some research for D8:

  1. cannot find any "pathauto_state" table within a D8 database
  2. so I tried to find how and where the “Generate automatic URL alias” is stored but without success (see also for this: Where is the "Generate automatic URL alias" setting stored?)

Thank you

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As I know there is no simple SQL query to update "Generate automatic URL alias" status for nodes and terms for Drupal 8.

Data contained in table key_value but I don't think it's possible to use it directly.

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