I'd like to create a form in which a customer will insert basic details like name, email and so forth but will also schedule a specific date and time in an appointment scheduling system, adjusted to the local time zone I'm in.

Say that I target only Jordanian customers and I reside in Singapore which is 6 hours late, I need to have appointments in a range like Singapore 10:00AM - 16:00PM, which is not too early and not too late for both me and Jordanians.

Can this be achieved using only the Drupal core, if not, what would you consider instead?

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Yes, you can handle time zones with Drupal core.

You can set the site time zone to your time, and enable users to choose their own time zones on their user profiles. This way they would see all times converted to their time zone.

Some of the Drupal 7 date features apply to D8, read more about D7 datetime: Date Locale & Time Zone settings.

This issue is relevant to D8: Add ability to select a timezone for datetime field

To learn more about the ranges try reading: Time Range in Drupal 8

This module might also be relevant: Datetime Range Timezone althought it doesn't have a stable version.

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