For the multilingual Drupal 8 based website I have created a view with a list of nodes. On the top of the page I have implemented a custom block with a autocomplete textfield, the textfield returns a JSON response with all available languages. After selecting the language, I want to update the fields (titles), so that they are displayed in the language, selected by the user.

The approach I am thinking about is after submitting the textfield, update the fields output. But for this I would need to create some URL for the fields output. How can I create a URL for the fields section with Drupal tools? Is it possible to distinguish the areas on the view? Please, help.

  • Why not just use the Exposed Language filter instead of a custom Block? – prkos Feb 11 at 14:28
  • Exposed language filter triggers the interface language. But in my case I just need to translate the titles inside of one view – user91143 Feb 11 at 14:32

You can not update the output of some part of views from custom block without actually rendering the views again. You have to reload the views using ajax request/ simple http request (as you prefer) with the langcode in views argument.

What you can do is add a global contextual filter in the view, Use that contextual filter's value in template_preprocess_views_* listed here, If contextual value is not empty.

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