A little background: We have a Drupal 7 site with hundreds of thousands of nodes, each month we create between 5-8,000 new nodes that are essentially products we sell. These nodes are 80% clones of existing nodes and 20% new content. We recently tried to enhance our SEO on our site by adding the "Meta Tag" module onto the site. It has installed fine and looks to be working as expected.

The issue we have is, when we upload images to our content type that has the new meta tag settings available each image takes a lot longer to add to the site (usually it is instanatenous almost but now it is 5-6seconds+ per image). This is a huge problem for us as we have about 10-15,000 images to add to the site and there are always tight deadlines to achieve this.

Our work around involves disabled the majority of the Meta Tag module settings (only leaving Page Title and Metatag itself active). This lets our staff complete the work on time (touch wood).

Any idea why the metatag module slows down image uploading when the meta tag module has most options enabled (really its opengraph, facebook, twitter and schema).

The module does have the "cache" metatag output set and our infrastructure isn't part of the problem.

  • Hi, I’ve removed the second question from the post because SEO questions aren’t something we cover here. There’s a Wemasters site in the network that might be useful if you still need to address that – Clive Feb 16 at 9:31

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