For some reason system.site, system.performance and system.date config values have been deleted from our site.

I have the original configuration files, but when attempting to import those using drush cim, Drush complains about the site UUID mismatch.

The import failed due to the following reasons:                 
Site UUID in source storage does not match the target storage. 

I assume this is because UUID is missing entirely. If I run drush cget system.site, I get the following error:

[error]  Config system.site does not exist 

Attempting to set the UUID with drush config-set "system.site" uuid "my site id" also fails with:

[error]  Config system.site does not exist 

So now I'm in a bit of conundrum.

Any suggestions on how to restore the system.site configuration?


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I solved it with Drush.

To get around the UUID mismatch I uncommented the UUID field in system.site.yml and ran drush cim. After that I specifically set the UUID by running drush cset "system.site" uuid "my site id".

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